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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is subject to comprehensive environment, health and safety (EHS) regulations affecting production, distribution, storage, and use worldwide. We anticipate, monitor, and understand emerging global EHS regulations and help you manage their implications across your supply chain and facility operations.

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  • Product Stewardship (TSCA, REACH)
  • EHS Management Systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000, RESPONSIBLE CARE®, CHEMSTEWARDS®)
  • Environmental Permitting

Proven Experience, Proactive Solutions

We have proven experience delivering proactive and sustainable solutions specific to the chemical industry that protect public health, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize environmental impact. We are your partner in building an effective EHS compliance assurance culture.

We deliver EHS compliance assurance solutions designed to effectively satisfy risk management and corporate governance needs within the chemical industry. These solutions address all aspects of the product lifecycle, from development and manufacturing through supply chain management and ultimate disposition. We have partnered with leading chemical companies to provide actionable EHS and sustainability strategies aimed at efficiently assessing and mitigating risk exposure and potential liability while still being practical, flexible and fit-for-purpose.

Global Reach

Through our membership in Inogen Environmental Alliance, a global network of EHS resources and in-country experts, our multidisciplinary teams work cohesively and responsively anywhere in the world to help enhance your EHS and sustainability performance without compromising your core business or bottom line.

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